Learn How The Role of Merchants and Banks Are Changing As New Forms of Digital Commerce Emerge

Podcast series by CardLinx - Getting the Balance Right: The Role of Merchants, Banks and Technology In The New Age of Digital Commerce This week Episode 23 of Fin-Tech Friday Podcasts hosted by Silvio Tavares, President and CEO of CardLinx Association, features Mehmet Sezgin, Founder and CEO of myGini, and former Board member

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myGini launches industry’s first toolkit to allow retailers to instantly upload sales promotions to aggregator sites for instore or online purchases

myGini launches industry's first toolkit to allow retailers to instantly upload sales promotions to aggregator sites for instore or online purchases Enhanced myGini loyalty app provides timely boost for retailers wanting to get customers back post-Covid by removing manual roadblocks to onboarding promotions on aggregator sites Retailers can now use the myGini digital platform

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myGini in Fintech Forum Paris

myGini was in Paris Fintech Forum European Fintechs against American technology power houses Paris Fintech Forum is the biggest fintech forum in Europe gathering many parties together. In 2020, it took place in Palais Brongniart at the heart of the city in January 27th to 30th. More than 2500 delegates from 75 countries watched

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Three Factors That Will Characterize Payments Innovation in 2019

Expect a rewards program renaissance, more contactless phone-based transactions and partnerships with fintechs. This article was published at CU Management magazine. You can read it below or at the following link cumanagement.com 2019 will see big changes in the payments ecosystem driven by the upsurge of mobile payments, new reward schemes and fintech-banking partnerships.

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How Small And Midsized Retailers Can Compete With The Big Brand Competitors

How Small And Midsized Retailers Can Compete With The Big Brand Competitors Retailers are facing unprecedented pressure to improve the in-store shopping experience, compete with e-commerce players and gauge the impact and preferences of Gen Z customers. The key to ‘getting it right’ lies in a simple device we all carry – our smartphones. Mehmet

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Payments and Fraud Experts Make Predictions for the Coming Year

Here are the full predictions from payments and fraud experts from Card Not Present (CNP) : https://www.cnpexpo.com/news/feature-articles/9-for-19-Payments-and-Fraud-Experts-Make-Predictions-for-the-Coming-Year/ [Editor's Note: Like payments and fraud, the prediction business is inherently risky. So, it is with some trepidation that I ask experts in the space at the end of each year to weigh in on what to expect in

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myGini wins Best Loyalty & Payments Solutions Provider Award 2018

myGini wins Best Loyalty & Payments Solutions Provider Award 2018 At the close of a busy year full of innovative product developments, we end this month with some excellent news as myGini triumphs in the US Business News Technology Elite Awards – coming top in the ‘Best Loyalty & Payments Solutions Provider’ category! (Check

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The New Language of Banking

The new language of banking – three steps banks and credit unions can take to get serious about mobile Many financial institutions are struggling to find a voice that resonates with younger consumers. But as Millennial spending power increases and Generation Z enters the banking ecosystem, FIs will need to develop new avenues for meaningful

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Mobile Makes Payments and Loyalty Go Hand in Hand

CUs must understand how millennials and Gen Z interact with new technologies in order to earn their trust. Mehmet Sezgin's , CEO of myGini, article at Credit Union Times. Millennials are the first generation to carry the whole world in their pockets. For them, the comfort of online shopping and interacting with brands or

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myGini Integrates with Empyr O2O Marketing Platform to Bring Thousands of Retail Offers to Credit Union and Banking Customers

Enables banks and CUs to offer their cardholders a considerable variety of retail offers and rewards as part of card loyalty programs AI-powered myGini loyalty and payments engine delivers relevant and timely offers to cardholders based on shopping behavior Click here for high-res images October 31, 2018 – Today myGini Inc., the San Francisco-based

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