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What is myGini?2022-12-27T22:23:45+00:00

myGini is a shopping app that helps you earn rewards, get cashback, and receive discounts from the retailers, hotels, and online websites with your existing cards. When you download the app, you’ll see the offers within 20 miles of your location, and explore categories like hotels and flights. Sign-up and link eligible Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards. We’ll send you notifications as you shop at participating retailers to inform you what you just earned. Then you will receive your cash rewards via email when you reach $10. As simple as that.

Does myGini offer a card?2022-12-27T22:25:47+00:00

myGini enhances the experience of your existing cards. It does not offer a debit or credit card. This is why we say, “Magic in Your Cards”! 

I have a card with a very good cashback offer from my bank. Will this affect my cashback?2022-12-27T22:26:09+00:00

No. We are not a bank, and we will not be giving you a card. You will continue getting your cashback from your bank. We will bring additional cashback from the retailers in our program. Our retailer partners will offer you more cashback, all the way up to 10 to 20% just to shop with them.

How does myGini know what promotions I like?2022-12-27T22:26:40+00:00

As you start making reward transactions, myGini AI learns about your preferences. You can also choose your favorite brands in the upper right corner of the app by touching the heart-shape button. 

Why should I link my card to myGini?2022-12-27T22:27:03+00:00

So that we can receive your transactions from Visa and Mastercard when you make qualified purchases at thousands of participating retailers to earn cash rewards and send a cashback to your card.

Can I add Visa or Mastercard debit cards?2022-12-27T22:27:25+00:00

Yes, you can add debit cards as well. However, you need to make signature-based transactions and debit cards need to be processed as credit to be eligible for cashback. 

Can I link more than one card? Can I link cards from different banks?2022-12-27T22:27:53+00:00

Yes, you can link more than one card from more than one bank.  The maximum number of cards you can link whether from the same or from various banks is five.

What about cards issued by banks outside of the United States? Can I add non-US cards?2022-12-27T22:28:34+00:00

In-store purchases and on-line offers only work with the US issued cards.  You can, however, use international cards for the hotels and flights section.

Can I add my Discover or American Express cards?2022-12-27T22:29:09+00:00

You need to add a Visa and Mastercard branded credit or debit card and use them for in-store and online purchases to get cashback. You can use Discover or American Express Cards for Hotels and Flights section to book your travels in which case the cashback will be sent to that card.

Can I add or delete my cards as I need?2022-12-27T22:30:14+00:00

Of course. Tap the “My Cards” tab at the bottom of your app. You can link (add) another card or edit (unenroll) your existing cards from the menu.

Are my cards kept in a secure environment?2022-12-27T22:30:41+00:00

Yes. We use Microsoft’s Azure Cloud and have the highest security clearance for payment card transactions called PCI Level 1. Very few companies have such a level of security. Sensitive information is always kept with bank level encryption. As such, no one has access to your card data, including us working at myGini.

What if I use my card with ApplePay, Google Pay, or buy something at an e-commerce website or at a tap and go contactless POS terminal?2022-12-27T22:31:13+00:00

Doesn’t matter. If your card is linked to myGini, and you make a transaction at a participating merchant with that linked card, you will be eligible for your cashback reward.

Do I need to talk to the salesperson or show coupons etc. from the app to get the cashback?2022-12-27T22:31:41+00:00

No, everything works automatically, like Magic.

Why do I receive notifications?2022-12-27T22:32:09+00:00

To inform you of rewards/cash backs/points you just earned. Or to let you know about a great myGini promotion. You may also receive a notification when you are near a great offer.

Can I turn the notifications off?2022-12-27T22:32:43+00:00

You can turn them off under the settings – notification tab which is located on the upper left side of the app. We highly recommend that you keep them on to track your transactions securely and take advantage of myGini promotions.

If I miss a real time notification, can I track it later?2022-12-27T22:33:06+00:00

Yes, the “Notifications” tab at the bottom of the app will have all your previous notifications in one place.

How do I see my rewards and cashback dollars?2022-12-27T22:33:28+00:00

My Rewards” tab at the bottom of the app will show you the myGini rewards as well as cashbacks together with the related purchases. You will also receive a push notification to your smart phone in the form of a sales receipt every time you earn a cashback for a purchase.

How and when do I get my cashback that I earned?2022-12-27T22:33:53+00:00

For in-store and online purchases, when you reach $10 or more in accrued cash back, you’ll automatically receive an email. From the email, you’ll be able to select a gift card from leading brands such as Starbucks, Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Nordstrom and many more. Numerous charities are available should you choose to donate. Any balance over $10 will remain in your account with myGini and will count towards your next $10 threshold. 

For Hotel, Travel & Theme Park Rewards booked via myGini, within 7 business days of the relevant stay, our partner Access Development Systems will post the Cash Back Reward in the form of a statement credit back to the payment card you used for the booking. The payment network/processor (Visa/Mastercard and other processors) then settles the credit/refund which nets to 2-4 business days before you can see the statement credit. In short, for Hotels, the cashback should hit your card in about 10 days. You don’t need to do anything extra. 

What about the status of my online purchases & cashback notifications?2022-12-27T22:34:19+00:00

With some of the on-line transactions, it may take up to 45 days to see the cashback credit in your wallet. In the interim, we will show these on-line transactions in the notifications tab as “pending”.  We will show the name of the on-line merchant, date of purchase and dollar amount within the 3 days of your purchase. When the cashback becomes available and is no longer pending, we will also notify you.

What types of browsers can I use to shop online to get cashback?2022-12-27T22:34:46+00:00

To ensure seamless experience and accurate tracking, we recommend that the purchase is placed within/through the latest version of these four browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari by Apple, or Microsoft Edge. And you must do so within the myGini app.

What online purchases are not eligible for cashback?2022-12-27T22:35:11+00:00

Purchases that include gift cards (unless it is, white-glove delivery, gift packaging, and other value-add services, redemptions of gift certificates or store credit, returns and/or chargebacks, shipping charges, taxes (e.g.: sales tax, customs duties, etc.), and purchases done through clicks on links of other affiliate websites prior to completing the purchase are not eligible for cashback for online deals. Please also check with offer descriptions in your app for non-eligible items for the specific online merchant/products that are not included for cashback eligibility.

What is Ginicash?2022-12-27T22:35:40+00:00

To add magic to your cards and your shopping experience, we at myGini also enhance your retailer cashback dollars with our offers. You will receive promotions and rewards from myGini from time to time and the conditions to be eligible will be included in your app. Those cash rewards will be added to your cashback redemption when you reach $10 of cashback from the retailers with your purchases.

How do I get the $9 Welcome Bonus?2022-12-27T22:36:31+00:00

When you link an eligible card, make a purchase at any myGini retailer for $25 or more and earn a cashback from the retailer, you’ll get a $9 Welcome Bonus just like any other Ginicash reward.

How many friends do I need to invite to get a $9 referral bonus?2022-12-27T22:36:57+00:00

Each friend that you invited can give you $9. You must have created a myGini account and must have linked an eligible card to do so. When your friend does the same and makes a purchase at myGini retailers which is $25 or more, both you and s/he will get $9 each. You can invite/refer as many friends as you want. However, the referral bonus will be given for the first 10 friends.

If I believe I should have received a reward from a purchase and have not, what can I do?2022-12-27T22:37:24+00:00

Simply take a picture of the receipt or screenshot of the online purchase. Make sure that Store Name, Purchase Amount, Date, along with the last 4 digits of the card number used are visible. Then send it to [email protected] using the email address you gave us when signing up. You can use the “Need Help?” section to do it which has a simple-to-use scanning function.

Do you pass any information about me like my card number, phone number or email address to any other party such as retailers?2022-12-27T22:37:46+00:00

No, definitely not. We do not sell any information; we do not operate on a business model of selling any information. We only share your card information with Visa and Mastercard in a highly encrypted format as required by them to be able to receive your transactions when you shop at any participating merchant. That’s how we know you are eligible for a cashback reward.

If I have any issues, how do I contact you?2022-12-27T22:38:10+00:00

Just send an email to; [email protected] and we will do our best to address your issue right away.

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