The Next Phase of Payments In The US

Highlights of myGini Webinar September 9, 2020 Payments after COVID in the US What Will Happen, How will you be impacted? Mehmet Sezgin                           Jeff Manchester Founder and CEO             Business Development   The status of contactless/mobile and EMV payments in the US Arguably the worst EMV migration in the world; lack

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Covid-19 and the future of payments in the US

For many years, I and many experts in the payments have been envisioning similar scenarios for payments in the US: Less cash More contactless More mobile and Faster check-out experience. Basically, a migration to more digital payments. Not because payments experts can see the future but rather they merely observe what has been happening around

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Mobile’s hot – plastic’s not!

Mobile’s hot – plastic’s not! Banks, take note from Apple on customer loyalty By Mehmet Sezgin, CEO & Founder, myGini Love it or hate it, the Apple Card is now in the hands of shoppers whose verdicts can change the current U.S. financial ecosystem. As one of the biggest movers and shakers in the

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myGini Offers Fast and Friction-free Point of Sale Credit Implementation Service for Banks and Credit Unions

myGini Offers Fast and Friction-free Point of Sale Credit Implementation Service for Banks and Credit Unions Quickly and easily installed own-brand app for banks and credit unions Enables card issuers to provide short-term credit to cardholders via mobile devices Service delivered over secure cloud infrastructure Click here for high-res images March 13, 2019 –

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Credit at the point of sale!

Your turn to offer credit at the point of sale – banks and credit unions can no longer afford to lose out An unexpected vet’s bill, a broken washing machine or even just a large amount of groceries – when cardholders are faced with a large purchase they can’t fully pay for straight away, they

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Evolving payments trends – three mobile developments to watch

Evolving payments trends – three mobile developments to watch Credit card rewards are undergoing a bit of a renaissance. The costs of traditional credit card reward programs are becoming too much to bear for some banks, which has driven the development of more innovative – and engaging – solutions thanks to new developments in

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Three Factors That Will Characterize Payments Innovation in 2019

Expect a rewards program renaissance, more contactless phone-based transactions and partnerships with fintechs. This article was published at CU Management magazine. You can read it below or at the following link 2019 will see big changes in the payments ecosystem driven by the upsurge of mobile payments, new reward schemes and fintech-banking partnerships.

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