Do you pass any information about me like my card number, phone number or email address to any other party such as retailers?

No, definitely not. We do not sell any information; we do not operate on a business model of selling any information. We only share your card information with Visa and Mastercard in a highly encrypted format as required by them to be able to receive your transactions when you shop at any participating merchant. That’s

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How many friends do I need to invite to get a $9 referral bonus?

Each friend that you invited can give you $9. You must have created a myGini account and must have linked an eligible card to do so. When your friend does the same and makes a purchase at myGini retailers which is $25 or more, both you and s/he will get $9 each. You can invite/refer

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How do I get the $9 Welcome Bonus?

When you link an eligible card, make a purchase at any myGini retailer for $25 or more and earn a cashback from the retailer, you’ll get a $9 Welcome Bonus just like any other Ginicash reward.

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What is Ginicash?

To add magic to your cards and your shopping experience, we at myGini also enhance your retailer cashback dollars with our offers. You will receive promotions and rewards from myGini from time to time and the conditions to be eligible will be included in your app. Those cash rewards will be added to your cashback

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What online purchases are not eligible for cashback?

Purchases that include gift cards (unless it is Giftscard.com), white-glove delivery, gift packaging, and other value-add services, redemptions of gift certificates or store credit, returns and/or chargebacks, shipping charges, taxes (e.g.: sales tax, customs duties, etc.), and purchases done through clicks on links of other affiliate websites prior to completing the purchase are not eligible

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What about the status of my online purchases & cashback notifications?

With some of the on-line transactions, it may take up to 45 days to see the cashback credit in your wallet. In the interim, we will show these on-line transactions in the notifications tab as “pending”.  We will show the name of the on-line merchant, date of purchase and dollar amount within the 3 days

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How and when do I get my cashback that I earned?

For in-store and online purchases, when you reach $10 or more in accrued cash back, you’ll automatically receive an email. From the email, you’ll be able to select a gift card from leading brands such as Starbucks, Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Nordstrom and many more. Numerous charities are available should you choose to donate. Any

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