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Dear Retailer,
Welcome to our offer onboarding page. By joining myGini, your offer(s) will reach more than 60 million cardholders nationwide. Here is how it works:

  1. Sign up with your email
  2. Select your cashback percentage
  3. Sign terms digitally through email (via DocuSign)

Your cost? We waived our initial fee of $99, so setting this up is completely free. We will charge a very low introductory fee of 2 % when there is a purchase for the first 15 days. Then our special fee of 3,5% will apply.

For example, if your promo is “6% off the purchase”, and the customer’s purchase was, say, $100, then your cost will be $8 ($6+$2) in the first 15 days, then will come to $9.5 ($6+$3.5).

In short, you will not pay anything now. We are not asking any banking or account information either. We will send invoices to settle once cardholders start buying.

Let’s make it clear again: If there is no purchase, then you will not incur any cost.

We look forward to welcoming you to the myGini family and grow your bottom line.

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